Conversations that require a Surgeon General Warning

There are some conversations that should come with a life-sized Surgeon General’s warning…like the one I had last night for instance.

Last night I was sitting home, me and two of the girls just hanging on spring break. We were spread out on the couch watching the Howie Mandel smirk-a-thon known as Deal or No Deal, (by the way who even knew there was a restaurant called Hot Dog On A Stick?) just minding my own business, when the phone rings. The call was from one of the girls who was out shopping with The Beautiful Bride.

Here is the call, transposed as best as I can remember…

Mommy     Your daughter wants to tell you something.

Me            OK.

Daughter   Daddy?

Me            Yes honey…

Daughter    Daddy, guess what?

Me             What honey?

Daughter    I got my first bra.

Me            Uhhhhhhhh…..

Daughter   Daddy, are you there?

Me            Uhhhhhhh…….

Daughter   We’ll be home in just a minute.

Me            Uhhhhhhhh…..

All things considered I think I handled that pretty well


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