Photo_173I admit, I do not spend much time at the grocery store and so what I am about to fuss about is new to me. But in the midst of our errands yesterday afternoon, The Beautiful Bride called Suzie and I and asked us to stop by Publix on the way home.

"Pick up two pounds of ground beef," was the request.

"Ok," was the reply. Sounds easy enough.


I think it would be easier to get peace in the middle east than to have a package of meat be at or near an even amount.

I looked through them all.

If you wanted one pound, the packages were like 1.37, 1.24, 1.19, 1.33, etc….

If you wanted two pounds, like I did, it was 2.27, 2.18, 2.35, 2.22, etc…

I came to the conclusion that one of two things was going on…either the employees that the grocery stores hire to put meat in those little Styrofoam trays are all blind and cannot see the scale so they just wildly grab a handful of meat and slap it down on the "one-pound" piece of Styrofoam with no regard for weight. (However, if this is the case and the meat department employees are all blind, i have great concerns about them using all those knives and slicers and such.)

Or…perhaps it is that the stores intentionally do this as a way to sell more meat. They think, "we know the customer wants to buy just one pound, the customer knows they want to buy one pound, but we want to sell more meat so we will just "accidentally" put a little more on the little Styrofoam tray. And THEY CAN’T STOP US…..

I guess we just need to find taco recipes that call for 2.24 pounds of meat.

(sorry about the photo, we had just finished talking the shot of the lobster tank and were still excited…)


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  1. that’s why you buy the big rolls of 5 lbs of ground beef. brown it all at once, divide into five ziploc bags and stick them in the freezer. it’s cheaper to buy the meat in bigger packages, you get exactly how much you want, only have the mess of browning/draining beef once instead of five times, and it’s a huge time-saver–when you go to cook dinner, the meat is already browned and you get to skip that step.

  2. What Amy said.
    I’d like you to meet (meat?) my friends Costco and Sam’s…
    My friend – I was at Costco right before and the only ground beef they had was already made into patties for burgers. that was my first choice.
    thanks for the advice.

  3. Actually, when the “blind” meat people package the ground beef, there is not a scale there. There is a huge grinder and only the styrofoam trays. They then bring the packages to the scale/wrapping machine. They have to guess the weight of the package while putting it in the trays. I work for Publix and know that a customer would much rather have a package of 1.14 then a package of .93.Therefore, they tend to make them heavy. However, being a place where shopping is a pleasure, they will gladly break any package immediately upon request. I have seen meat associates take out pinches of meat just to please a customer who wants exactly a pound of meat. Every time, they gladly do it.

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