Signs that you are old

After seeing "High School Musical" last night (which was actually very fun…) I came to the conclusion that I am much older than I think I am.

Here are the signs that spurred this conclusion:

  1. I have more friends who have children in high school and college than in pre-school.
  2. I have this thought every now and then, "you know, I really do need more fiber."
  3. My baby sister is 40.
  4. I am old enough to be Pac-Man Jones’ father. (I am not, but if I was he would be grounded for life.)
  5. I have hairs growing out of my ears.
  6. I skim the obituary page and think, "wow, he was only XX years old…that is not too far away."
  7. And worst of all, I can’t remember the other things I thought of that made me feel old.

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