“Pity” sleepover

I think I was the beneficiary of a "pity" sleepover. Mabel’s best little buddy La-la called late on Friday and invited Mabel to spend Saturday night over at her house. Sounded great to me.

So I asked "what time should we bring her over?" I do not normally handle these sort of details. They have been within the scope of duties for The Beautiful Bride since the girls were born. Come to think of it, my scope of duties has essentially been reduced to two areas….Accounts Receivable and Transportation. I need to make sure that the vehicles are prime operating condition and, to clarify, I am only in charge of Accounts Receivable. My responsibility is only in making sure that there is enough money coming in the door (did I mention that I have a new book out…). I am NOT responsible for Accounts Payable, i.e. where the money goes once it comes in the front door. Those decisions are 100% the responsibility of The beautiful Bride.

But I digress…

To my question about what time to drop Mabel off for the sleepover, the response was, "10:30 am will be fine…"

Thinking to myself…10:30? Are these kids now doing nap time sleepovers now?

But then it became apparent. La-la’s parents knew that The Beautiful Bride was out of town, and they were throwing the "pity sleepover." Instead of the typical come over around 6:00 pm for pizza, they said, "just go ahead and bring her over in the morning."  And so it was done, Mabel was dropped off for the sleepover with her 60-pound suitcase ("we never know what we are going to want to do…") just as La-la and her family were getting out of pj’s from the night before.

Ahhh…the "pity" sleepover…now those are friends….

(did I mention we are down to less than 12 hours…)


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