Day Three

we have made it through another night – and more importantly, out the door to school. The Crunch Berries were back on the table.

Today is both Dr. Seuss Read to me day, and the Electric House demonstration day. So the girls headed out the door with more extraneous paraphernalia than I thought three little girls could carry.

Mabel had "Owen" her giant five-foot long stuffed dog, because she said they were "supposed" to have an animal to snuggle with to read. She also stuffed some pajamas in her backpack because there was a rumor circulating around the second grade that the kids were going to be wearing PJ’s to read. I could not confirm or deny that rumor with other parental sources so Mabel and I compromised with taking them in her backpack, "just in case."

Kenzo stuffed her backpack full of play furniture from Suzie’s Dora the Explorer playhouse. She said it was for the "Electric House" demonstration. I just pray that for the sake of all of us, they do not set their house on fire. Suzie would NOT be happy if we torched Dora’s couch. It looked like Kenzo had enough furniture to furnish Al Gore’s giant electric-consuming house. Maybe through their work, the 4th graders can help give the former VP a little free power to get everyone off his back.

Suzie loaded up with a couple of animal’s as well. I am not sure if her class was gong to read or she just wanted to be a pack rat just like her sisters.

Either way – I am sure that we violated a number of The Beautiful Bride’s rules about carrying stuff to school…


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