we made it through the night…

Sunset…sunrise…and we are down to approximately 86 hours and 17 minutes until The Beautiful Bride is back at casa de Atwoodzoo.

The good news about all the rain this morning is that most likely every kid at school will be having a bad hair day. I am not confident that the three hairstylings I oversaw this morning are up to typical Momma standards.

But all in all…

  • All three girls were dressed when they left for school
  • Suzie had her seizure meds
  • The dog and fish got fed. Well the dog I am sure about, the fish…well…the big ones can just eat one of the little ones if they get really hungry.
  • We forgot to look at spelling words last night so Kenzo reviewed in the car. (When did enchilada and siesta become spelling words?)
  • Breakfast was…ooops…Crunch Berries again. (Note to self, got to break this viscous cycle)
  • The girls left the TV on so Boomer could watch while we were all gone. I turned it to Fox News as I left. Just to make sure the dog gets his news "fair and balanced." I would hate to have an unbalanced poodle.
  • Reviewed after school plans…Mabel to her friend’s house, Suzie to have a friend over (wahoo…) and Kenzo hanging with me.

we are now down to 86 hours and 14 minutes.

To The Beautiful Bride – if you are reading this – I can guarantee you that there will be no Crunch Berries on the dinner menu…because we are out of milk.

However – if anyone happens to be out driving around around dinnertime and has, say, a homemade lasagna and some chocolate cookies in the car, we would accept that sort of love offering…


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