and there was day and night…

Shhh….don’t tell anyone, but we seem to have made it through about 30 hours. Not that I am bragging, cause I am DEFINITELY not bragging…dragging…yes…bragging…no.

But we made it through the early dismissal for the storm that wasn’t, the long afternoon, and the tired evening.

Highlights of Evening 2 – Momma Left the Arena 2007

  • Homework:completed by all without one, no strike that, only one mild threat of being grounded.
  • Dinner: CRUNCH BERRIES, no…we upgraded…beanie weenies, peaches, yogurt, and a handful of Girl Scout cookies.
  • Birthday presents: the girls are all invited to a buddy’s birthday party on Sunday afternoon so they all, of their own accord, wrapped the gifts. Each package reflects the personality of the wrapper. Mabel’s is completely in order; Kenzo’s looks brilliant but has a few loose ends; and Suzie’s looks like a wrapping paper factory exploded.
  • Back to the Future marathon: WGN had a "Back to the Future" marathon on today. Mabel, Kenzo, and I watched #3 while Suzie snoozed. Outside of a few potty words, just a great, great movie and fun to share a surprise afternoon with the girls.
  • Show Offs Art: The Beautiful Bride has Phase One of their website up and running just to give people a view of what they have. They are primed to put a board in every house, hut, and hovel in Alabama (and America…)

And now the day is done, the girls are sleeping, Boomer the poodle is asleep at Suzie’s "piggies," and all is well with the world…except that it is still 77 hours and 11 minutes until The Beautiful Bride is back, and THEN all will be well with the world.


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