The Bride has left the Arena…

The Beautiful Bride has left the Arena. Or more aptly the AtwoodZoo. Not permanently, of course. Only for approximately 104 hours and 22 minutes. But who’s counting….

She has headed to the Birmingham of Alabama for another big show for Show Offs Art. She and her partner Holly Rhodes (no not that Holly Rhodes…the other one) started this new business last fall and it has taken off like gangbusters.

And so The Beautiful Bride has taken off to B’ham to make Alabama more beautiful, one Show Off board at a time.

She will be gone until late on Sunday, so until that time I am the officer on duty. We have made it through the first eight hours or so of Momma being gone relatively peacefully. Since about 2:00 pm we have accomplished the following:

  • I remembered to pick them up from school on time.
  • Suzie went to gymnastics, and Mabel caught a ride to soccer practice.
  • For dinner we all enjoyed a lovely buffet of Crunch Berries, yogurt, and apple sauce.
  • Suzie got her seizure meds.
  • All three of the girls bathed.
  • All three of the girls finished their homework.
  • All three of the girls got in bed within 20 minutes of the appointed bedtime.

All things considered, outside of the Crunch Berries for dinner issue, we did just…well…we survived.

And just think, by the time the sun comes up in the morning we’ll be down to under 100 hours until she’s back…but who’s counting.


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