Poor Mabel

Poor Mabel…

Soccer practice starts tomorrow for both Kenzo and Mabel so we did an inventory of soccer cleats. Turns out that both girls needed new shoes as they both had outgrown the ones they wore last fall. Sigghh….

And so the next step was to see if Kenzo’s old ones would fit Mabel. And just as everything has for the past couple of years, everything that Kenzo outgrows flows downstream to Mabel. Must be tough being the caboose and getting all the hand-me-downs.

It doesn’t really seem to bother her (yet) though it just occurred to me that I am not sure that I would want to wear someone’s leftover stinky gym shoes.

We may need to re-think the "give it to Mabel, she’ll wear anything" policy.

After this soccer season of course…have you seen the price of new soccer cleats? What are they thinking…a zillion dollars for shoes they’ll wear for like three hours a week for 10 weeks…

Please disregard what I said a minute ago about a change in policy, no one ever died from a pair of stinky shoes.


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