And there was much signage…

We had the first official signing for "Our Big, Big God" today. People were very kind and came by to get lots and lots of books. One lady came by and got a stack and was giving them as baby gifts and birthday gifts to young children. I think that kind of thinking is BRILLIANT! (on a side not I did hear from my aunt in Iowa that her church was using the book as a gift for families that have children baptized. – I think that that kind of thinking is BRILLIANT as well.

It occured to me as I saw the big stack of brand new books sitting on the table in front of me this morning. While it is certainly very exciting to see lots and lots of new copies of the book – the real joy and satisfaction will be in seeing someone with a ratty, torn-up, dog-eared, slobbered-on, ripped up copy.

That is a book that has been loved. And I will love that.


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