Suzie to the ER

Sometimes life sucks.

Today at school, Suzie ended up eating a cookie with a walnut. That is really bad for kids who have nut allergies. It is a long story, turns out she was eating lunch with another "non-typical" buddy, and they were being watched by a new aide, who did not know about Suzie’s allergy, and so she got the cookie, and ate the nut, and he next thing you know the ambulance is at the front door of the school.

When she gets a nut, she puffs up like a puffalump. All over. Including her windpipe. Which is really bad. But the school nurse did a great job identifying the issue, and was on top of it before the ambulance arrived.

And so a quick jaunt down to Vanderbilt to get things back to normal, and then by late afternoon all was back to normal. At least by AtwoodZoo standards.

But the thing that really sucks in all this. Besides the scare, and the ambulance ride, and the hospital trip (and soon-to-arrive hospital bill) is the fact that today was going to be a big day, a HUGE day for Suzie. Because today a friend had invited her over to play. At the friends house. After school. Just for a little context, I think that Suzie has been invited over to a friends house, without her sisters or parents, about twice in her life. Counting the one today. She was so excited about it she could hardly get to sleep last night.

And because of the great walnut adventure, she couldn’t do that. Now I am sure the friend will reschedule, but still, I just hate it for Suzie that it couldn’t happen today as planned.

And while I am fussing, and this is mostly for you God, because you are the only one who can help me understand this. Given that Suzie has had the meningitis, and the brain injury, and has all the seizures, and the CP, and all the medicines, and the other life stiff she can’t do…why the nut allergy? And the eczema?  Doesn’t she have enough with all the other stuff? Couldn’t she just get a pass on two more normal kind of issues?

I’m just asking, because sometimes life sucks.



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  1. I’ve had some pretty scary experiences being homeless, but I tell you it doesn’t compare to the worry and fear a father faces when their children are ill or injured. My son had problems with asthma, starting at age 3, and we took many trips to the ER. Those were some of the worst days of my life.

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