Smile Big…

Photo_159While we were out of town last weekend, we ended up joining a bunch of The Beautiful Bride’s family for our dinner one night. On our way out the dinner, Kenzo excitedly said, "Daddy, come look at this. See what I did."


She took me over to a big cutout of Marilyn Monroe. More specifically a cutout of Marilyn Monroe with a gold tooth blinged out face. "Look what I put on her face," she said proudly.

Turns out Kenzo had put the gold tooth on Ms. Monroe. "But Daddy, don’t worry…it’s just a gum wrapper on a sticky note. It comes right off."

I double checked her handiwork to make sure that Marilyn’s new dental work was indeed be temporary. And it was. Pretty ingenious stuff Kenzo.

And so she and I walked out the door and hustled to the car,all the time smiling back at the toothy Ms. Monroe who was smiling back at us. (and just prayed that The Beautiful Bride did not see what Kenzo did…cause I am pretty sure that if she did know that Kenzo was the artist and that I allowed said "bling" to stay in place, we would both be put in time out.)


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