what difference does a life make?

So Anna Nicole Smith is gone. And every news outlet in America is held captive by the BREAKING NEWS!!!!

Also, this afternoon, there was another death. A grandmother, the Beautiful Bride’s Granny, passed away peacefully. As I think about it, her death was about the same time as sky began to fall when the BREAKING NEWS of Anna Nicole Smith’s death began to circulate.

And I as thought about the two deaths, I realized there are actually a few similarities between the BREAKING NEWS of ANS and the gentle passing of dear, sweet Geneva Edwards in Salem, Virginia.

Both women had to struggle through watching the decline of an elderly husband. Anna Nicole had been married to her bazillionaire for at least a few weeks, Geneva had been married to her working class husband for 50 years.

Both women had jobs that involved retail clothing. After her children were raised Geneva worked for years at the local Sears store. Anna Nicole Smith took off her clothes for Playboy magazine.

And the news of the two women passing caused much scurrying. For ANS it was the media and the police and the paparazzi. For Granny Edwards it was the celebration in Heaven for one who had come home.

And so it is a bit surprising to me that every news company in North America could scarcely breath this afternoon for the breaking news of the loss of an important woman. I can understand BREAKING NEWS. My sadness is that they all just focused on the wrong woman. Granny was the really important one to pass away this afternoon.


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