Hot Potato…no scratch that…BURNT POTATO!!!

Photo_152 Tonight we had a first at the AtwoodZoo. We had a visit from the fire department.

Suzie decided she wanted to have a baked potato as a snack, like she has hundreds of times before. But for some reason, instead of just pushing the "potato" button on the microwave, she said she pushed, "137890." So I think she set the microwave to cook the potato for approximately 2298 hours. Which is too long.

So somewhere well before the microwave hit the 2298 hour mark, the potato caught on fire. Kenzo summoned us and I wandered through the smoke in the kitchen to see the flaming hot red hot coal of a potato.

The fire alarm went off shortly thereafter, and by the time I got back to the alarm company the fire department showed up. In full regalia. One guy had an ax.

After we settled everyone down, thanked the fire department for their trouble, carried the still smoking microwave outside, and threw open every window in the house to air out the smoke, we sat down for dinner.

Smoked turkey.


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