Global warming question

I saw another "the sky is falling" global warming  an article over the weekend. It started off like this….

"Global warming is so severe that it will "continue for centuries," leading to a far different planet in 100 years, warned a grim landmark report from the world’s leading climate scientists and government officials. Yet, many of the experts are hopeful that nations will now take action to avoid the worst scenarios…"

And while I freely admit this global warming stuff is a bit outside my area of expertise, (whatever that might be…) all of this rhetoric does leave me with one question…

How is that the experts can honestly say that global warming will continue "for centuries" when they can’t even tell me with any degree of certainty what the weather will be on Thursday afternoon?


Posted on February 5, 2007, in Signs of the End of Time. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Ah, well, In reality modern weather forcasts have a tendency to be very reliable. If you argue that they can not predict with ABSOLUTE certainty then you are correct. Science, unlike religion, is not in the business of absolute certainty.
    If the warming models are as reliable as modern weather forcasting, and I know of no reason why they shouldn’t be, then it would reckless to ignore them.
    Of course, if you happen to be in the energy sector, that policy would be in direct opposition to your interests.
    These folks are highly motivated to enlist the support of those that believe that “jesus” is coming soon. Obviously these folks are not concerned anout climate change.

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