Run away and join the circus

Photo_146 Kenzo, Mabel, and I went to the circus on Saturday. We decided at the last minute to go, so had to get tickets at the GEC box office. There was a big crowd and the only place we could get three together was in the nosebleed section. So we got $13 tickets to the circus.

I was initially concerned that since we had seats pretty far away from the action that the girls would not have as much fun. I don’t think we would have had anymore fun if we had been on the front row. Just reminded me that one of the big keys to being a dad is not in being the guy who spends the most money to have or do the coolest thing. It is just being the guy who "shows up" for his family.

(they did a cool thing before the show started – they let anyone who wanted down on the floor to check out a few little acts up close.)


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