Upside the head…

Photo_38_2_2 In the car on the way to church yesterday morning Suzie surprised  me with one of those "upside the head" moments…

We were just cruising along, when out of the blue she said,

"Daddy, up in Heaven, with Jesus, Abby will be able to walk with me. She won’t have wheels up there."

I can’t recall any conversation we have had with her about the healing, the perfection that is Heaven. We have looked forward to it a thousand times for her, but for Suzie to mention it out of the blue, about Abby, her "best friend in the whole world" was amazing. Abby gets around in a wheelchair. But in Heaven, Suzie is sure that "…Abby will be able to walk with me…"

Thank you Jesus, for that reminder.

( I just had to include this picture. We took it last year when Suzie was at Vanderbilt for a three-day EEG. She was singing worship songs to a DVD set up in her room.)


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