Blue ribbon day

On Saturday Kenzo was part of the county-wide 4-H speech competition. There were 2-3 kids from each class at her school invited to participate. She got all dolled up and we headed to the big show.

Kenzo did great. She spoke about perseverance and used examples from the lives of Thomas Edison ("can you imagine getting up every morning thinking…I’m probably going to fail again…") and Annie Sullivan – the teacher for Helen Keller. She also shared about experiences with her sister Suzie, how Suzie perseveres "doing things that are easy for you and me, but hard for her."

I was so proud of her.

But when the judges came back, she received a "participation" ribbon. It was not one of the top places like she had hoped.

After shaking off the disappointment (we decided that it was the fault of the unlucky penny she saw in the parking lot on the way in the school) we headed to run an errand. We were were dropping off something at the home of a family friend. Over the last several months the mom of this family has developed some sort of medical(maybe neurological) problem. She has a very noticeable tremor in her arms, a stutter when she speaks, she now stoops a bit, and is overall struggling big time.

After the brief adjustment period when we got there, Kenzo had walked over to the couch where she was seated. She began to gently rub our friends arm and back and was whispering (because loud noises are a real problem) about how concerned she was and how she cared for our friend.

As I said it was time to leave, Kenzo said, "Daddy, I want to pray for Mrs. Susan before we go." "OK," I said.

"Dear God. Thank you for Mrs. Susan. Please be with her family and heal her. Amen"

I don’t care what any body else says, that was a blue ribbon speech.


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  1. I KNOW it was the penny for sure! 🙂
    That is my story and i am sticking to it…

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