from the brother of a brother (in-law)

Juicyfruit Regarding the Atwood Theorem #1 of Birthday Significance – my brother-in-law’s brother sent me a note about his experiences…

I remember the days as a birthday child were the mind had that endless imagination and nothing was holding it back and the birthdays gifts were always off the charts. Except for the one card that you received ever year from your Aunt Irene, that had one stick of Juicy fruit gum in it….Now here is the mystery? Either Aunt Irene died a wealthy old lady or she was just cheap?…I wonder how R and R (niece and nephew) would feel if I started sending them a piece of Eclipse gum in a card for their birthday gift?

Those were the days, when a stick of gum was a present…and we liked it…we loved it…


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  1. Oh my gosh, you just gave me a flashback. A stick of Juicy Fruit gum must have been the universal symbol of affection for aunts and grandmas everywhere back then. Too funny!

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