My friend, the urban legend

When he told me, I thought this is almost as cool as knowing Elvis. Turns out my friend Matt Tullos in addition to being a tremendously talented writer, dad, and husband, is also an urban legend.

Seems that a piece Matt wrote years and years ago has been co-opted by churches, schools, military leaders, even a "free term paper website," and regularly turns up all over the place. If you go to Google and search  "Moses stuttered, David" which are part of a line in the piece, you will see some of the more than 100 links.

To most of the world, "Good Company" was written by Author Unknown. A few scumbags even took credit for his work and ripped him off.

While granted it may not be quite as cool as when I was recently informed that a relative of mine in Nigeria has money for me, or in hearing that there are alligators living in the sewers under New York City, or even the fact that somebody somewhere had their kidney taken while they were in a bathtub, I do think it is pretty cool that I have a friend who is an urban legend.

Now did I ever tell you about how I once saw Elvis and JFK living on a remote island in the South Pacific…


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