don’t worry, be happy

Bird #1      So you got a nest?

Bird #2      I’m thinking about using the one from last year.

Bird #1      That sounds good. Have you heard what the raccoons are doing? I heard they’ve had landlord trouble.

Bird #2      They are still at Tall Pines. The Squirrel’s have owned that tree for years. Every morning with those little ones just running around like animals, up and down, up and down, jumping on branches, yapping and chirping, always waking up the kids. Who could sleep?

Bird#1     Seems like some people will do whatever they can to impress everybody else. What about your other neighbors?

Bird #2     Oh the Barn’s? You know how those swallows are. They got downsized and moved to Capistrano year round.

Bird #1     We were thinking about downsizing too, maybe one of those little step down units in the Oaks. But who knows? Just whatever happens.

Bird #2     That sounds nice. Why is it that everyone else is, "I need more string, I need more straw, I need more yarn," blah, blah, blah.

Bird #1     Who needs it?

Bird #2     Exactly what I was thinking.

I was just looking out the window and saw a couple of little birds rebuilding a nest in a tree in the front yard. Matthew 6:25 starts "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…"


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